(Registration)Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

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Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Sikkim is helping its government employees by introducing the Sabbatical Leave Scheme. This means employees can take time off without worrying about losing their jobs. Also they will get a fair amount of salary while on leave. Here in this article we will get to know all the details of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023 and how one can benefit from it.

sikkim sabbatical leave scheme 2023

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

Scheme NameSabbatical Leave Scheme
Announced ByCM Sikkim State
Announced onAugust, 2023
ObjectiveTo provide sabbatical Leave to the Government Employees
BeneficiariesRegular Employees of Sikkim State Government
Sabbatical Leave Time Period365 – 1080 days
Mode of ApplicationOffline

What is the Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023 ?

It’s a plan by the Sikkim government to let its employees take extended work breaks without fearing of losing their jobs. One can take leave for 365 to 1080 days. This will give space for their personal growth.

A sabbatical is like a break for government workers. During this time, they can learn new things, start their own businesses in the area of their interests, do some art work, or help their families and fulfill their obligations. They can also try working in different places, both in India and outside to explore more oppertunity.

Benefits of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme

  • Those taking leave will have Job security and they won’t lose their job.
  • Those applying for longer breaks can get upto three years of leave.
  • To get this break, they need to take off at least 365 days, but they can take up to 1080 days in their whole career
  • Even during the leave the employees will get 50% of their regular income.
  • Work Life balance will be maintained.
  • During this break one can look for new opportunities for their career.

Documents needed for Sikkim Sabbatical leave

  • Aadhar Card
  • Employee ID
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Loan documents (if applicable)
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number

Eligibility for Sikkim Sabbatical leave scheme

  • You must be a resident of Sikkim.
  • You should be a regular employee of the State Government.
  • Central Government employees are not eligible.
  • To be eligible, you should have worked for the government for at least five years in service.

Sikkim Sabbatical leave scheme Registration

  • Visit the department responsible for the scheme.
  • From the department you can obtain “Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Yojana” application form.
  • In this form fill all the necessary details and attach the required documents.
  • Now after filling whole detail return the form to the place where you got it.
  • Following this procedure you can easily apply for the leave scheme.

For those hit by Floods in Sikkim govt started Sikkim Punarwas Awas Yojana

Helpline Number of Sikkim Sabbatical leave scheme

There’s no dedicated helpline as of now but those who are eligible for the scheme can inquire at their respective departments.

In conclusion, the Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme is a great opportunity for government employees to explore personal growth, education, and entrepreneurship without job worries. It’s a progressive step for employee well-being and development.


Who is eligible for the Sabbatical Leave Scheme?

Ans: Regular Sikkim State Government employees with at least five years of service can apply; All India Service members are ineligible.

Q. What’s the Sabbatical Leave Scheme’s goal?

Ans: The goal is to give government employees time for education or new business ventures.

Q. How long is the leave duration?

Ans: The leave ranges from 365 to 1080 days, allowing deeper personal exploration.

Q. How does it impact career growth?

Ans: The scheme encourages higher education and new business starts, enhancing employees’ skills and opening doors to better job opportunities.

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